Conference Venue

Conference Location

Senlis is a French town near Paris, renowned for the gothic Senlis Cathedral and its vast historical monuments. This medieval town has welcomed some of the most famous fi gures in French history, including Hugh Capet, Louis IX, the Marshall of France, Anne of Kiev and Seraphine de Senlis. The monarchs of the early French dynasties lived here, attracted by the proximity of the Chantilly forest.

Senlis is part of the province of l'Oise in the region of Picardie, in northern France, situated between the forests of Chantilly and d'Ermenonville. For the tourist there is a plentitude of churches, the Roman remains, and the nearby Castle of Chantilly to visit all within the beautiful surroundings of Picardie. Downtown Paris is also very accessable being just a 30-40 min drive away.

Conference Venue

Fan 2012 conference and exhibition will take place in the Congress Centre of CETIM, situated at Senlis. Convenient for Charles de Gaulle airport in Roissy (Paris) the conference centre is modern, well equipped and conveniently located for those travelling to the conference, both within France and internationally.